Sunday, November 25, 2007

Arguing with Little Man

Several conversations I have been storing up for a special day:

LM: Are we there yet?
Me: No (we had just left Grandma and Grandpa's house -2 hours from home)
LM: (30 seconds later) Are we there yet?
Me: No
LM: Are we there yet?
Me: Yes (trying to mix things up a bit)
LM: Okay, lets get out! (calling my bluff)

Me: Stop throwing things in the house
LM: No, I am not throwing it, I am dropping it

Me: Seriously, stop throwing things in the house
LM: No, no... this is bouncing

Daddy: Stop climbing on the coffee table
LM: I am not climbing, I am lying on it
Daddy: Whatever, get off the table
LM: I need to get off on the other side, see.

Daddy: Stop kicking the seat in front of you (in the car).
LM: (stops for a moment then starts back up again)
Daddy: Please put your feet down.
LM: I am not kicking it, I am touching it with my feet.

Where does he learn this art? And why? Is it to drive us batty???

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Three Year Old Logic

Today we were blessed with a beautiful, summer-like day. It was great. A perfect day for going outside to rake leaves, for the gabillionth time this fall! (And, yes, gabillion is an actual number. I made it up myself.) Anyway, as we were outside, and I was in the middle of raking/yelling at the Little Man for egging his brother on in his mischief, I realized that the Little Man's mind is just an amazing thing. He always has a reason for the things he says, well, mostly. (Some times when he is talking on the phone, he mumbles nonsense followed by a fake chuckle... I guess he is imitating my phone conversations-- hope I don't have a fake chuckle, but I probably do). Okay, so back to the point -- As I was saying, he does have a reason for saying the things he says. For example:

LM: Do you like race cars, Mommy?
Me: Yes, but not as much as you.
LM: Do you like jets?
Me: Never really thought about it, but I suppose I do.
LM: How about formula one jets?
Me: A formula one jet, hmmm... I have never heard of a formula one jet.
LM: Oh.
LM: But, do you like them?
Me: I don't know. What are they?
LM: They are really fast jets. Like this, "(insert sound of a jet made by a 3 yo here)".
Me: Then I guess I do. Where did you get the idea of a formula one jet?
LM: It's kinda like a formula one race car, really fast. But, formula one race cars have really big spoilers on them so they don't take off. But a formula one jet doesn't have a spoiler so it does take off. And, rockets don't have spoilers either because they take off too. You want them to take off into space. And the formula one jet can go into space like a rocket because it is so fast like a formula one car. ... and on and on and on and on.
Me: I just can't get enough talk about race cars! Thanks Buddy!
LM: You're welcome, Mom. Let's talk about stock cars!
Me: No thanks, not right now. I think I want to listen to the quiet and look out the window for a bit.
LM: Okay, but when you are done, do you want to talk about race cars?
Me: Maybe. We'll see.
LM: okay.

Anyway, that is an fine example of our conversations these days. Fun, eh!? No, really, they are fun, I enjoy them. But, we need a new topic. This one has been discussed to death!

Oh, and another cute conversation:
LM: We are going to Cramma and Crampa's house for Thanksgiving. (that is how he says Grandma and Grandpa)
GaMommy: Insert voice of Charlie Brown's teacher here - I don't know what she said, I only heard his side of the conversation.
LM: We are going to have turkey.
GM: She probably said, "do you like turkey"
LM: Yup
GM: She told me later she said, "What are you going to wear for Thanksgiving."
LM: I'm gonna look like a ragamuffin.
everyone: laughing

This was really funny, because it is so true, however, I later realized that he thinks that 'ragamuffin' is a good thing. After he took a shower this evening, I combed his hair and he looked in the mirror and after smiling at himself he said, "I look like a ragamuffin." So, I think he is a bit confused. Cute, but confused. Especially since he will undoubtedly look like a ragamuffin!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Playground time

The sun was out today for the first time in many days and this warranted a trip to the playground. Although it was chilly and both boys were tired, we had fun. It was good to be outside playing!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Just now mentioning it

This is not a new thing, but I am pretty sure I haven't mentioned it. My boys are wonderful and love each other and are destined to be best friends. They have forgotten how to play by themselves all of a sudden... for the most part. They prefer to be in each other's company and enjoy making the other one laugh. They share (as best a toddler and preschooler can), they play with the same toys, and they look for each other when he isn't in the same room. It is really cute! I know this won't last... and even if they continue to enjoy playing nicely together, there will be times where they need their space, but for the moment, I am seeing a glimpse of a wonderful brotherly relationship in the future.

Now, don't get me wrong, it isn't always peaches and cream. There is still the occasional pushing, biting, taking toys and running for dear life, screaming, and personal assaults just short of maiming... but for the most part, it is pleasant. Also, they aren't always playing together... for which I am thankful, because, it is much harder on me when they play together (constant vigilance, constant). Squeaker still enjoys toddling over to his book shelf, examining the queue and pulling out the book of choice, plopping on the floor and just looking through the pages, with an occasional animal sound or hand gesture to communicate his understanding of what he is reading. And, the Little Man still enjoys racing his matchbox cars, shake and go cars and racetrack, reading, and doing 'art projects', in which Squeaker most definitely is not allowed to participate.

I am so excited to see if I will look back at this post and laugh hysterically at my naivete or if I will be in awe of my foresight! I guess time will tell. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not sure where the week went

Seriously, I have no idea! I can't believe, but am so thankful, that tomorrow is Friday! Not really sure what we did this week, but I am pretty sure it involved lack of sleep because I am really tired. I guess the biggest news is that Squeaker is trying to switch from two naps to one. That would be fine but isn't he too young? And, how the heck is he going to manage one nap when he is woken up constantly by his big brother. Tricky times. Maybe we need a bigger house or warmer weather so the LM can go outside and play for three months while Squeaker figures this thing out. :)

As a side note, this is the worst possible time to sell a house, so maybe a few extra prayers to send some potential home buyers our way??? Thanks!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Kids say the darndest things

So my grandma has/had this book called Kids Say the Darndest Things. There was this show with Art Linkletter, that was before my time, where they asked kids questions and just waited to hear what came out of their adorable little mouths. I think Bill Cosby did a more recent version a few years back. I think everyone should write down the things that kids say and just compile it somewhere in cyberspace for those who might just need a laugh now and then. It is great. Kids are great. And, more specifically, my kids are great! I can't wait until I have two talkers to crack me up on a constant basis.

Anyway, a recent comment made by the Little Man got me thinking about that book and I think you should all check it out if you haven't already. So, we are on our way back from IKEA... we love IKEA... and the Little Man fell asleep. As we got closer to home, he woke up and once he was no longer delirious (telling me that he did not want to play that game) he started screaming. I had no idea what the heck was going on. So, after I got him to calm down, and 'use his words', he tells me in a frantic, but really trying to be calm, voice, "My leg is breaking apart!" So, I am pretty sure he woke up before his leg did and this might have been the first time he felt that wonderful 'pins and needles' feeling... so after I stifled my laugh, I explained it to him. Of course, he didn't hear me because he was convinced he was losing his leg right then and there and he needed it to walk. Oh dear, how do you explain this to a three year old??? Anyway, I asked him later if his leg was still breaking apart and he said, "No, I stopped crying when it got put back together, silly." Oh, okay then.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The great debate

The question always comes up... or people just offer their opinions... Now we have 'scientific proof' of who each of our kids looks more like - mommy or daddy?


Little Man

Leaves, anyone?

We have about 2.5 billion in our back yard. And probably another few hundred thousand in our front. :) Squeaker would like to share some with you. And, after spending a couple hours raking them to find the same number on the lawn the next day, I am quite willing to share as well. No, really, it is not a problem. You would like our leaves, they are big, colorful and abundant! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

So much to say - or not, depending

So, in case I didn't mention it, we took our house off the market on October 15th. That gave us enough time to relax a bit with the house cleaning so that we could clean it all back up again for a random showing (nothing came of it), then again for Squeaker's party... then again a week later for LM's birthday... and now, yet again, for putting it back on the market. We took it off for a short break, to do some painting, and to change our realtor. We know ahead of time that this is the worse possible time to put a house on the market, but we are getting tired of our current state of limbo. Our new realtor seems to think that it is better now in the event that it may sell, an extra few months. I suppose we can always take it off during the holidays, too.

Anyway, as we are preparing the house for the hoards of people who will be coming through (um, yah), both boys, and mommy, have been under the weather, we have had company, and lots of rearranging due to painting. Our house is a MESS!!! And, now that I am ready to clean, my boys, have decided that they would like to alternate naps or forgo the nap all together -- not helpful, by the way.

Oh yah, and the other thing, we are working on getting Squeaker to take a bottle. Right now, we are pleased that he takes one from Mommy about 90% of the time. Today, for example, after he bit me, he got a 4 oz bottle, which he downed, then another 3 oz an hour later. (and he had nursed an hour prior to all this, too). So, guess he is feeling better, but may have turned his attention to growing??? I hope our sleeping goes well tonight, because, I have a lot of cleaning to do after the boys are in bed. Fun times, wanna join us?

On a happier note, I had a parent teacher conference at LM's preschool -- apparently they are concerned that his language skills are not age appropriate. Um, WHAT???? So, they didn't say that, they just said they were concerned that they might be because, get this... he does not talk! Holy cow, I would switch places with them in a heartbeat. He won't shut up at home! :) And, in case you were wondering, he does have age appropriate and maybe even above age level language skills.