Thursday, July 13, 2006

Still waiting... and waiting... and waiting...

Well, the hope is there, but as of today, no one has come by the house. There are so many factors as to why not, but nonetheless, we feel helpless. Our wonderful realtor keeps reassuring us that the market is indeed "cold" and that we will just have to wait patiently. Baby #2 is not waiting patiently and is already kicking to come out (no worries, still 4 mos to go). So we wait... and to take my mind away from the distraction, I have done something crazy... I am taking the little man to the beach for 2 weeks to go tent camping with my mom, siblings, and friends of the family. I am both excited and nervous, as I am not sure if I will have the energy to chase the Little Man around for 2 weeks in a campsite with no borders/gates/doors. :) I am sure he will have a blast, on the other hand... and will need a new wardrobe upon our return (our campsite is dirt and rocks and grass is nearby -- I see many stains in our future).

Anyway, we aren't leaving until July 19, so in the meantime, I have busied myself with moving quotes, contacting pediatricians and OB/GYNs in CA. It is strange to think that we could be in a totally different place and time zone, with different doctors, and different everything in a matter of months. What a shock that will be. I hope we (Daddy) can handle all the stress. Preparation is key, so I have taken it upon myself to get as many quotes as possible for moving, to ensure a stress-free and hopefully reasonably priced move. Wish us luck.

This weekend is our 6th anniversary and we are headed about 2 hours south to visit my inlaws. While there, we are hoping to abandon our dear little man for an evening amongst adults. We have never left him overnight, so this will be good practice for both the Little Man and Mommy. I am sure he will not notice our disappearance when he lays eyes on Ba-Pa and Ma-Ma, and their several flights of stairs throughout the house. And, if there is trouble, we will just hope that Sunday is the day they decide to mow the lawn!