Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The "Busy" Season

Seems like there are weeks of nothing, and weeks of everything all at once. This past week has been one of the latter. Amidst graduations, baby showers, and friends/family visiting, we have managed to recover from our illnesses and are back in action.

The little man has become more attached to his friend Lily... We babysat Lily overnight and the two munchkins had a BLAST!!! The little man cried when she left in the morning. Sooo sad!!! Luckily, not 2 hours later, he was back with his little buddy while mom and dad attended a graduation. I hear that when he awoke, he did not call out for mom or dad, but of his buddy, Lily! How precious is that.

In true "busy season" form, my mom is visiting for about a week and a half. We are all headed to Boston this weekend to visit my brother. Meanwhile, I need to be writing more reports for work, as I only have about 4 weeks left before I 'quit' again. Then, when we return, friends are moving, summer events are accumulating, and swimsuit season begins...

We are going to need all the naps we can get coming up, I am afraid!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Convenience is worth $4.50

This whole internet thing is great. When you have a sick and intolerant child, it is hard to get everyday things accomplished, I have discovered. :) So, I had some grocery shopping to do, but I didn't think the little man would be cooperative with that one. So, I had some options... Safeway.com (who delivers) and HarrisTeeter.com (pick up only). I first went with more the more convenient option - safeway. However, all delivery times were full until Friday. So, Harris Teeter it was. It was a wonderful shopping experience - sitting at my computer, typing in items from my list and not being distracted by inticing cookies or chocolate. The picking up part was not such a big deal as it was good to get out of the house... Besides, I had to stop by work to pick up something anyway. It was great... I drove up to the entrance and there was someone waiting for me with groceries in a cooler just inside. For $4.50, it was worth it today! Now, I have groceries (except peanut butter) and a happy (sorta) little guy.

Update on "sicky"... A virus that is running its course. We are on day 3, but things seem to be getting better. The little man is still too sick to go to daycare, so no work for Mommy!

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Best Laid Plans

Mother's Day was wonderful. I enjoyed a leisurely morning with my hubby and the little man, off to church, then for a nice drive (in the rain and lightning, unfortunately) down south to visit my inlaws. We had lunch/dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, sooooo yummy! The only problem with the whole day was that the little man went on a hunger strike. He was a bit cranky, too, but we assumed it was from the lack of food and being cooped up in a car for several hours.

So, last night, when I vowed to go to bed early to be well rested to write my reports for work today, someone else had better plans. These plans involved a late night wakeup, drugs, a strip tease, and a bubble bath at 2am. I wish this was how it seams... but unfortunately, the little man had a REALLY high fever which we were trying frantically lower. It seems the loss of appetite and crankiness was for a reason. Poor Little Man!!!!!

The best part of all this was that I got to sleep until 8am and have had plenty of time to write my report today while the little man is asleep during his (hopefully) first nap! We are off the the doctor when he wakes up. I am sure there is nothing else we can do, but they want to check him out, apparently.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

He DID it!

The Little Man is officially a once a day napper. That used to be not such a good thing, but for the past 3 days, we have been blessed with 2+ hour naps. Today he topped the chart with a 3 hr nap!!! You can only imagine the things that I was able to accomplish during our nap! I imagined them, and then proceeded to join the little man in slumberville. It was like HEAVEN! What I should have been doing was writing reports for work... but there is always tomorrow. (or, tonight, when I decided to add to my new obsession - the blog- instead of being productive.)

So, since I am feeling guilty, this will be a short one. I hope you are more productive than I have been today!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Gloomy days = Projects

In preparation for an upcoming baby shower for a friend of mine, I made a diaper cake. This has been a long process of discovery... what can you do with two hands? Apparently, NOT make a diaper cake. So, off to Home Depot to buy 3 sizes of the plastic trays they make for pots to catch the water. (I am sure there is a more technical term) Now, with 2 hands you can create this:

(I am not sure you can see it, but since the shower isn't for 2 weeks, I kept the bottom tray on to be sure it stayed in one piece)

Yesterady, during naptime*, I was able to get the guest room pretty much cleaned out. Now, I have more things to pile into the shed. I have a few more knick knacks to put away, and that will probably fill up the rest of naptime.

*naptime = the little man tying his darndest to destroy his crib. This consisted of jumping, shaking, and crashing into the walls and mattress. It also included lots of whooping and hollering... If I had known that there was a rodeo going on yesterday afternoon, I would have bought a ticket!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Clean house, at last

Today, we are blessed with two naps. this morning was long enough to clean the kitchen and vacuum the house. I still need to de-clutter... I need to clean out the office/craft room to turn it into its third use... the guest room. I still have 3 weeks to clean it out, but I fear it might take that long. I am going to pull out the sewing machine and put it on the kitchen table, so while i am cleaning, I can complete a few projects. So, cleaning off the kitchen table becomes a priority.

Before we do any of this, though, it is time to finish packing up my winter clothes... and summer clothes... and make way for maternity clothes. It is true that you 'pop' faster with the second... note to self, after baby #2, do MORE situps!!!

I hope this is a long nap.... sleep tight little man.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Where have naptimes gone?

For the past several weeks, I have been waiting for time to create my first post... usually this would be during one of the little man's naptimes (he takes two). The little man isn't cooperating, however, and decided that there should only be one nap these days. On top of that, for the past three months, naptime has become mommy naptime as well. (Oh the joys of pregnancy.) Today, however, no nap for mommy and it is 10:15pm and I feel surprisingly awake. It was a productive day, which is atypical for me these days. It is much more fun to walk to the playground, have a playmate over, or do mundane activities around the house.

Today, a special day indeed, was the little guy's 18 month checkup. He is apparently "growing beautifully" and mommy and daddy are doing a "fantastic" job with him! We are so proud. Maybe I am still on a high from the praise of a pediatrician... who knows! (and at this late hour, who cares, really?)

We went to the bank, post office, bakery, had a playdate, dr. appt, sat very still while the barber cut the few hairs on the little man's head, and had ice cream to celebrate our accomplishements. What a full day! To top it off, it was in the low 70s and just gorgeous out! Too bad tomorrow I have to work and the little guy goes to daycare. :( I'll miss you, Munchkin!