Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A week of goodies

So many pictures to choose from, so little time to post. I had to go with my favorite. I asked the Little Man to go into his room to get his big boy underwear. He replies, "Okay Mommy, but I have to hop back there on this orange ball." Whatever gets the job done, I say!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Troublesome Kids

First of all, I have to document our first household casualty at the hands of the Little Man:

Moral of the story: No throwing toys in the house!

Secondly, this is a picture of Squeaker -- at 11pm! What the heck!!!

Moral of the story: I would rather have a punk rocker baby at 11pm than at 4am. It is easier to appreciate his adorable mohawk!

And, to make it all worth it, here is a quote from our clever toddler:

"Sorry Mommy, I can't help make dinner with you. My hands are resting." He says, while playing with his toys, dancing, and making mischeif.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Too Busy

Sorry for lack of posts, but I am too busy planning what could possibly be the worst idea we have ever had. We are planning a road trip. Yes, a road trip. I am sure if you look back in previous posts, you would find that I have complained about the Squeaker's intolerance for car rides, but that aside, we are moving ahead with the plan regardless.

Here's the gist:

Drive to New York State. Visit pretty lakes and towns. Camp in Adirondacks. Visit with family. Have a good time.

All other details are not quite solidified yet, but I am afraid that they might not be before we go. It is really hard to predict how well the kids are going to do in the car... camping... and most likely have little place/time to crawl or run around.

Should be a fun trip!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the "Best Daddy Ever!"

Thanks for all you do, we know how lucky we all are!

Love, Mommy, Little Man and Squeaker

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Nothing is safe any more!

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Christening

You know how people like the christen their yachts, right? Well, we thought we would do the same with the new minivan. Not only that, but we christened it good! Last week we went to the National Zoo and on the way there, the Little Man got sick... all over the carseat, the car's seat, the floor, and the back of the driver's seat.... yummmy.

This was not exactly what we had in mind, so we thought we do it the way a captain would with his ship. However, instead of a bottle of champagne we used another car, and instead of being really happy about it, we were not so very happy. Usually the captain gives the boat a name as well... in all our excitement, we failed to do this step as well, but we did get the name of the person who helped us in our time of need... Ms. Katharine.... with an "a". Well, I am sure we'll come up with a name fitting of a kidmobile, but in the meantime, we are hanging out in our less than stellar Grand Caravan. Not that I am knocking the GC, but the are many parts inside the vehicle that aren't quite 'new'... the head rest is broken, the floor mats are permanently stained, it smells, it is black, and frankly, it just isn't as pretty.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hope is fading

for the Little Man's modeling career. He keeps trying to permanently disfigure his adorable little face! Here's proof:

August 2005 - fell off bed in hotel room in Boston (bad Mommy and Daddy)

October 2006 - one of a number of bonks to the noggin'. This one is one of the 'better' ones, I must say!

June 2007 - scraped his face on sidewalk (this is the day after, after the swelling went down)

I guess it could be worse, so perhaps we are lucky this is all we have encountered. :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Updates galore

1. As a matter of closure, I think I should give a quick update on potty training with the Little Man. He is potty trained (for the most part). I know I posted something a while back about giving up and trying again later, but I chickened out and stayed with the big boy underwear for fear of driving us all crazy. It has worked out quite well, I must say. I think we are in the perfect potty training state right now. I take the Little Man to the potty when it is convenient for me and he goes. He is able to hold it for long periods of time without a problem. Occasionally we will have accidents that appear to be out of spite (if it is possible) or when he is not feeling well. Other than that, we are great on that front... with #1 and #2! Yah!

2. The Squeaker has been sleep lady shuffled and I no longer have to hold him or be anywhere near him for him to fall asleep. (again, this is most of the time) We now close his door and he'll put himself to sleep. If we time it right, it is about 15 minutes of playing in his crib and cooing with maybe one last small cry out before falling asleep. If we don't time it right, there is more crying involved, but it is usually not constant or hard, just protests and testing to see if he gets rescued or not. It is going quite well -- we are sooooooooooooooo happy with our results!

3. Our house is on the market (has been for about a month and a half) and not selling. The market around here is REALLY slow and we are having a hard time competing with the 300 other homes near us for sale. It is clean and the yard looks wonderful, however, so that is nice for us to enjoy. Also, the pool was FABULOUS on Friday afternoon.

I believe that is all the updating I have at the moment.