Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Too Busy

Sorry for lack of posts, but I am too busy planning what could possibly be the worst idea we have ever had. We are planning a road trip. Yes, a road trip. I am sure if you look back in previous posts, you would find that I have complained about the Squeaker's intolerance for car rides, but that aside, we are moving ahead with the plan regardless.

Here's the gist:

Drive to New York State. Visit pretty lakes and towns. Camp in Adirondacks. Visit with family. Have a good time.

All other details are not quite solidified yet, but I am afraid that they might not be before we go. It is really hard to predict how well the kids are going to do in the car... camping... and most likely have little place/time to crawl or run around.

Should be a fun trip!

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fairfax44 said...

If you camping in the Adirondacks, take bug spray. There are lots of black flies there in July.