Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Musings

A collection of Little Man's thoughts on age:

When I am a Power Ranger, I'm going to be 25. (Apparently someone at daycare has introduced him to power rangers... I didn't know they were still so popular)

When I grow up, I'm going to be bigger and I am going to be Scooby-do.

When I'm 25, I'll be Batman.

LM: When I'm 16, I'm going to be a Power Ranger.
ME: I thought it was when you were 25?
LM: No, 16, I changed my mind.

When I'm 40, I'm going to be older to drive.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Come out of hiding everyone and tell me what you think of this trip. Are there places we MUST see... things we MUST do... or places we should be sure to aviod??? Oh yah, and it will be in the fall, so hopefully we'll miss the worst of the hurricane season.

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Now is your chance to comment and comment away... please!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Musings

When following in the car behind Grandma and Aunt Em...

LM: Daddy, let's pass Grandma.
Daddy: We can't. She is leading us to where we are going.
LM: You don't know where you are going???
Daddy: No, Grandma is showing me.
LM: Why don't you use your GPS?
Daddy: I don't have my GPS.
LM: You should bring your GPS next time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


We slept through the night... for the first time in like a month! woo hoo... don't tell anyone, it's a secret! I don't want it to come back and bite me in the butt. Shhhhhh....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

8 down, many, many more to go

It is our 8th wedding anniversary today and it is really amazing to think back at the start of all this craziness and imagine what the heck we were thinking. I mean that in jest, but seriously, there is no way we could have thought up all that has happened to us over the past several years. We have had many wonderful moments, that is for certain. And, looking back, really, that is all I can remember. I know that there have been some stressful and trying times, but more often than not, those are cloaked by the truly exciting moments in our brief history together. This year has been particularly stressful, but we have managed to remain each others best friend through it all. Sometimes we don't have the energy to talk to each other, but still, best friends.

Thanks and Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bite your tongue!

I just never learn... I mean, really... when I am going to learn to keep my mouth shut. When I posted last week our successes, I was merely trying to throw out some positive vibes. I tend to mostly post about our challenges and woes, kind of like a whine fest. So, I thought perhaps a positive post was in order. Shows what I know. Things went downhill from there. Here we are, our week, by the numbers:

Contagious diseases in our home at any one time: 4
Days off work for Daddy: 1.5
Days off work for Mommy: .5
People we infected: 3, possibly one more... we are waiting for the verdict
Trips to ER: 1
Hours of sleep over weekend: 8 (if we are lucky)
Hours of sleep last night, in particular: 3
Children up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason: 2
Tissues used: 5,649
Coughing fits: 38
Temper tantrums thrown by children in home: 18
Temper tantrums thrown by adults in home: 3
Nebeulizer treatments administered: 9
Parents exhausted: 2

Needless to say, Mommy and Daddy need a date, SOON! Hopefully the boys cooperate and stay healthy and sleep well so that we won't feel guilty for heading out on the town tomorrow night for our anniversary... of course, we may just fall asleep in the car for some peace and quiet. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Musings Monday

LM: Mommy, I forgot to ask you something.
Me: What is it?
LM: I forgot to ask you if you wanted me to have geo trax.
Me: Oh really?
LM: I have been waiting and waiting for a long time for the geo trax.
Me: Who knew!?
LM: Yah, you're right, Mom.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Out of the Pit of Despair

So, I am happy to report some progress on some issues we have been having at home... quick and dirty like, since I need to get some cleaning done before I crash:

1. GI issues resolved for 3/4 people in the house... the 4th can fend for himself -- woo hoo
2. Shouldn't even be thinking this but -- Squeaker went to bed without getting up ONCE in his big boy bed tonight. Woo hoo woo hoo
3. Both boys did very well at school today -- hooray... perhaps our crankiness was too MUCH family time. ;)
4. Little Man decided this afternoon that all his pee should go in the potty. Horray, horray
5. Sleep still needed by everyone, but we all seem to be in better spirits (some with the help of spirits. ;) Kidding, sort of... well, coffee helps too)
6. I found the cutest tuxes for the boys today and I just need to find out how to copy the vest or tie or both in victorian lilac. -- I guess a consult with the bride and groom is in order first.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Musings

Yes, we are back. I think we are back in the swing of things and catching up on sleep... for what that is worth since it could change daily. Anyhow, here is today's musing, brought to you by Little Man.

LM: Here Mommy, here is your pretend dinner.
Me: Ohh, yummy, what is it?
LM: Peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese and strawberrries.
Me: Oh wow, that sounds yummy. I think i am going to eat that right away.
LM: And, when you finish, you can have the dessert I am making.
Me: Oooo, dessert, What is it?
LM: It is a surprise.
LM: It is strawberrry shortcake. (we are working on the 'surprise' concept, still)
Me: O KAY, yummy. num num, gobble gobble, gobble. I am done with my dinner. Can I have some strawberry shortcake now?
LM: No, you have to finish up all the yucky stuff first.
Me: What yucky stuff.
LM: Um, the vegetables and the bread. (FYI, he doesn't really think vegetables are yucky... must have picked that up at school)
Me: I didn't get any of that.
LM: Here it is. Finish this first, THEN you can have dessert.
Me: I love it when my words get shoved back at me.
LM: Yah, me too, ha ha

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Grunt, grunt, boom

These are the sweet sounds that came out of Squeaker's side of the room several times today. First during naptime, then bedtime.

So, Daddy was flying solo for naptime, which apparently didn't go well, through no fault of his own. I am not even going to talk about Little Man's 'incident'. Squeaker, on the other hand, decided it was time to go full force into the climbing out of the crib thing he has been experimenting with over the past few weeks. So, today he did it... grunt grunt boom, again and again and again. Finally, we zipped him up in the Peapod and he was off to dreamland. Anywhoo... We decided that we would prefer our child in one piece, so we converted his crib to the toddler bed this evening. It is now 9:37 and the boys are FINALLY asleep. It only took about 20 times of putting Squeaker back in bed and saying "good night", a few (not many) tears, one grunt grunt boom (dunno why he tried it again, I am pretty sure it is easier to climb off the mattress than over the side rail), some back rubbing and mommy sitting in the corner in the dark twice until he fell asleep. (Twice because apparently Little Man was not asleep and when I crept out the first time, his "mommy, where are you going" woke up Squeaker... so we had to do it all over again -- smart mommy waited until BOTH boys were asleep the second time).