Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hope is fading

for the Little Man's modeling career. He keeps trying to permanently disfigure his adorable little face! Here's proof:

August 2005 - fell off bed in hotel room in Boston (bad Mommy and Daddy)

October 2006 - one of a number of bonks to the noggin'. This one is one of the 'better' ones, I must say!

June 2007 - scraped his face on sidewalk (this is the day after, after the swelling went down)

I guess it could be worse, so perhaps we are lucky this is all we have encountered. :)


Anonymous said...

someone will turn you in to CPS if you keep it up!

Crock Pot Mom said...

Oh my! :-) Kari looks like that from the waist down, and Michelle all the time as well. :-) Bless you! So glad things are progressing with potty and sleep. EXCITING! I'll get back to your last email soon - just posted on my blogger about my new niece (how cool) and ran out of time for computer for today. :-)