Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Brings out the Best in My Kids

Happy Belated Easter.  I am really slacking on my blog posting.  I do have a few good reasons, though... does that count???  It might help if I listed those reasons: 
  1. Color, Construct, Create Studios is up and running.  We will have our first class mid-June and are SUPER excited! :)  The final weeks are here and all the last minute prep work is underway.  
  2. My 21-month old decided to potty train herself.  She had been asking to go to the potty for a few months now for "#2" but finally decided enough with the diapers and went for it.  Just in time, too, as we needed to order the next size diapers like that week.  I resisted for a while, but man, she sure picked it up fast.  Only problem is she is not even 2 and has a hard time getting her bottoms off, getting on the potty, and getting her bottoms back up again.  So, seems like it isn't easier for me, other than the needing to have diapers all the time.  She is even dry at night and during naps.  might be short-lived is the only problem.  
  3. Spring break and lots of kid time and little to no kid-free time. 
  4. Traveling... of course, no post from me on our adventures, but you can see some pictures here.  

Now we come to Easter.  It was fun, and once I scan in our "professional" photos and upload my "not professional" photos, we might get some up here.  In the meantime, here is how our Easter egg hunting went.  Squeaker followed Little Man around the yard.  This really meant that Little Man got most of the eggs and Squeaker did a lot of crying.  If Squeaker dropped an egg out of his basket, he cried, and also Little Man picked it up.  Here is the aftermath of one of those "incidents"... amazingly caught of video.  

As an aside, the guilt got the best of Squeaker and he gave it back and apologized.  Were the tables turned, Squeaker would have never found out.  Kids sure are different!

Monday, April 11, 2011

More House Progress

Here is our house after paint and before landscaping updates.

Here it is now: