Wednesday, September 02, 2009


It has been a long long time. Long long time. We finally have resumed having playdates with actual children who are, can you believe it, the same age as my children. Squeaker was lucky enough to have a friend when we moved here. Just about 3 months younger, our family friend's son has a little boy who lives about 5 minutes away. Nice. Little Man, on the other hand, has been going up to random adults in the neighborhood asking if they have kids for him to play with. Poor thing. Luckily, school has started and since it is half-day, there are a bunch of stay at home moms who come everyday with their kindergarten children in tow. Some of us got together after school today (and will, every Wednesday) for a picnic at our local park and some playing. It was lovely. We, of course, had to leave early cuz one boy was pushing others down and the other was throwing mulch, but prior to that... lovely. :) It was great to talk to other moms and watch our children beat each other up. ;)

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