Thursday, April 15, 2010



That took quite a bit of our dinner conversation:

I don't liiiiike maGENtA!
Magenta is yellowish.
Mmmm, magenta is yummy.
Ooo, Little Lady likes the polenta.
It is not POLenta, it is MAGenta.

By the way, there is no headway being made on the "magenta"... Except by those that say it correctly.


Um, it is expensive to fly. We opted for the 5 ticket route- adding to the expense- but having active children, we have learned it will be well worth the investment. (especially given the red eye on the way out). We are excited to head back east this summer to visit family, friends, work (for daddy), and old haunts.


4 year olds say funny things.
Me: if you are going to sit on the couch, don't you want to take your backpack off?
Squeaker: um, no, it is pretty comfortable.
Me: huh, okay
Squeaker: and, my audience loves it.

He probably does think he has a constant audience - he is quite a clown!

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