Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rotten Egg

The following conversation was overheard while Squeaker and Little Man were getting in the car the other day.

LM: Last one buckled is a boiled egg.
Me: (thinking to myself - boiled=rotten egg? 6 year old mistake?)
S: I am not going to be a boiled egg.
K: Yes, you for sure will because I am almost buckled!
S: No WAY - I am super speed fast!
K: DONE! I'm the rotten egg, I was FIRST!
Me: (huh?)
S: I'm the boiled egg!!!
Me: (whew, everyone's a winner)
K: Yah, but you'll die first because you'll be eaten. I'll take longer to die because I am going to just sit there rotten.
S: sigh. OKAY!
Me: (sigh - i was outsmarted by a 6 year old - how does he come up with these things?)

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ga mommy said...

i can't stop laughing