Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Between, Gaining, and Losing

For the moment, I am renaming my children.

Little Lady = in between. She teeters in being absolutely adorable and a mischievous little devil! One second she is planting sweet little kisses on our cheeks and says 'I wuv oo' -- and the next minute you have been pummeled by a flying fork or other dangerous object.

Squeaker = Gaining. He is becoming quite the karate master. It truly has been a great thing for him. His balance, attention, and motor planning is so improved - thanks to OT and karate. He is now an orange belt!

Finally, Little Man = Losing. This tooth fairy is going to go broke! Three lost teeth this month and one more to on the verge. His smile says it all:


Anonymous said...

I've decided to start calling McKenna "SweetTart" based on the stories I have heard from you guys. Especially after the YMCA day school story...

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was me that posted the SweetTart comment BTW - Aunt Em