Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Musings

Me: So, Little Man, we are going to move out of our house into an apartment for a bit. What do you think about that?
LM: Does the abarment have a basement?
Me: No, the apartment does not have a basement. Actually it is going to be pretty small once we get our things in there.
LM: When does the moving truck come?
Me: Well, when you are at school one day, we are going to get our truck and move most of our stuff. I am not sure how much stuff will be left in our house when we pick you up from school.
LM: What kind of moving truck is coming?
Me: A smallish one.
LM: Is there a moving truck driver?
Me: Probably me.
LM: Will we get a moving truck again?
Me: Most definitely. One day you will wish you hadn't asked that question.
LM: But, I love moving trucks.
Me: Apparently. (sheesh)

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