Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wing-to-wing 28

Little Man enjoys making "projects" using various scraps and craft items. Here is his latest creation, which he named the "wing to wing 28". It is some sort of jet, and since his toy jets all have things written on the side (i.e., F-15), he decided that this needed a name of its own. Oh, and it is to be displayed in Mommy and Daddy's room because the two 'love' stickers are there because Mommy loves him and Daddy loves him, one sticker for each person who loves him. :) Ah, the thought that goes into these things... amazing. Oh, and the glasses are to help him see better. :)


Melissa H said...

I'm impressed! Tell him what a nice job he did

ga mommy said...

I am sure he is a genius!