Saturday, June 28, 2008

Still Alive...

but barely. So incredibly exhausted, but we are moved and closed and all that jazz. WOO HOO. If I were more energetic and not ready for bed at 8:30pm, I would add in a few more woo hoos, but for the moment, I am just glad I have the time and energy to post anything at all.

So, long story short, house is sold (we closed a few days ago), we moved into an apartment about 10ish miles away, we sat down to eat a family dinner tonight for the first time in like a week and a half, mommy and daddy are EXAUSTED, and the boys are 'adjusting'. :)

We have until Tuesday to be completely out of the house, which means that we still haven't completely moved out. We have a bunch of outdoor things that we need to retrieve and some (non-essential) food in the fridge, oh, and we need to clean up our big huge mess... but other than that we are outta there!

Catcha later, when I am just a little more worn down and tired, but presumably that will be the 'bottom' and it is only rest and relaxation from that point forward, right?!?! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


You know what is not so smart...

Moving your kitchen table and chairs (including boosters) to your new residence on Tuesday, but leaving your beds, clothes, food, dishes, etc... at your old residence until Saturday. Um, yah, mealtimes are F u n (that is with a capital F). Oh, and we left one big comfy chair at our old residence, since we were thinking ahead and all that... but moved the chair's cushion. Again, we were thinking!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Blogging... or lack thereof

Sorry about the lack of posting, but just to forewarn you, it may get worse before it gets better... unless I really desperately need the break. Here is the brief news update:

* House selling going well. We close next week.
* Temporary housing situation resolved. We move into an apartment over the course of the next couple weeks.
* Long term plan to move to CA still in effect. Our lease is until fall, so we will be planning that move once we finish this one.
* Boys are doing well.
* Daddy and Mommy are hanging in there.

Monday Musings

Me: So, Little Man, we are going to move out of our house into an apartment for a bit. What do you think about that?
LM: Does the abarment have a basement?
Me: No, the apartment does not have a basement. Actually it is going to be pretty small once we get our things in there.
LM: When does the moving truck come?
Me: Well, when you are at school one day, we are going to get our truck and move most of our stuff. I am not sure how much stuff will be left in our house when we pick you up from school.
LM: What kind of moving truck is coming?
Me: A smallish one.
LM: Is there a moving truck driver?
Me: Probably me.
LM: Will we get a moving truck again?
Me: Most definitely. One day you will wish you hadn't asked that question.
LM: But, I love moving trucks.
Me: Apparently. (sheesh)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Musings

This is all I got, folks... when you have like 3 hours of interrupted sleep, you get this:
Maaaaaaammmmmmaaaaaa..... Help, out
Daaaaaaadddddddddaaaaaa..... Help, out
Maaaaaaammmmmmaaaaaa..... Help, out, help, out, out out, help, out
Maaaaaaammmmmmaaaaaa..... Help, out, help help help, out
Daaaaaaadddddddddaaaaaa..... Help, out
Maaaaaaammmmmmaaaaaa..... Help, out

Translation: Mommy, Daddy. I would love it if you would take me out of my crib this instant. I would rather stay awake all night, poking your eyeballs while you are trying to sleep, thank you very much.

The very amazing thing is that Little Man did not wake up in the night with all the ruckus... but, he did get up at 5am because he had to pee... and it was light out, so he thought he would just stay up. Fun times over here -- wanna sleepover?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hush Little Baby

So, using my Mommy-intuition, I have deduced that Squeaker must be growing. Now, this is all well and good, but I am not ready for my boys to share clothes just yet. :)

It is 8:45 am right now and he is still asleep. He slept until 8:45 yesterday morning as well, took a 2+ hour nap in the afternoon, and went to bed at 7pm. He is STILL sleeping. Even with the not-so-quiet antics of Little Man for a couple hours this morning. Tired little boy. Better go check to make sure he has not climbed out of his crib and is sitting on the top bunk of Little Man's bed cutting and gluing his sheets together as quietly as a mischievous child can be.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


At 7pm... it was 100 degrees.. still. We spent our lovely 100 degree afternoon splashing around in the pool and enjoying the heat (for once). On any regular early June day, the pool would really not be warm enough to enjoy, but with heat like this (and the dripping humidity) it really was enjoyable. YAY for pools!

On another note, we will be FINALLY saying goodbye to our pool, it seems. We have been released from our clean-the-house-daily routine and will finally be moving out and moving on. As it stands now, we will be closing on our home at the end of this month. We will be sticking around northern VA for a bit longer, as some of us have jobs and stuff. I will keep you posted of any other news as it comes in.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Temporary Bind

Anyone know of a good temporary housing solution for a family of four for, let's say, 2 months? Oh, and within a 5 mile radius of their current location??? Thanks in advance. :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Musings

LM: Mommy!!! MOOOOmmy!!! MOOOOMMMMMMYYYYY!!!! (oh yah, this was at 1am, lest you think I was amused.)
Me: What is it buddy?
LM: I am having bad habits.
Me: What are they about?
LM: I don't know, I need you to give me a new dream.
Me: How about dreaming about being the fastest racecar driver in Sterling, VA. You drive everyone where they need to go faster than anyone else can, because you are so fast.
LM: That is a good one. Okay.
Me: Good night, sweetie pie.
LM: Good night. See you at 7.
Me: silently thinking, Yah, sure, 7.

Wouldn't you know it, the stinker slept until 7:15!!! Can I get a Hall-le-lu-ia!