Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update time

House Update: All paperwork has been signed and all docs have gone through (as far as we know) so as of next Tuesday, we are homeowners once again. Wanna see a picture???

We have a few little things to do before we move in, so we may take a week or so to move. And by "we", I really mean "everyone else except for me since I can barely move" :)

Which leads me to the next update... Baby Update: No baby yet. I am about as far along as I was with Squeaker when he decided to join us... which is a little bit worrisome. I am now officially in complain mode and am quite uncomfortable. This belly is rather large and when I saw my profile yesterday, I could not believe it! I would show you a picture, but my mirror broke. So, I have another ultrasound scheduled for the beginning of June to find out how things are looking for delivery. My C-section date is already scheduled, we'll see if I can make it that long. I am guessing not. Just a hunch.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my sister and my mom threw me a baby shower. I don't know what the ettiquitte is for a 3rd baby baby shower, but it was really fun to see those that came and we played games and ate yummy food and really, what more could you ask for???

Current kid update: School is done for Squeaker and Little Man has about one more week. I am excited for summer and we have a lot going on. It will be nice to sit at home and yell at them to be nice to each other for a couple of months. Little Man is now a full blown kid. He is no longer anywhere close to being a baby, toddler, or even a preschooler. He thirsts for knowledge and looks like a 10 year old on some days. Squeaker is still managing to turn my hair grey with his sleeping troubles. He goes to sleep well at night these days (knock on wood) but nap time is horrendous. I would stop having him nap, but it is not that he isn't tired -- he will keep himself up by talking to his hands. Then, as he is dozing off, will wake himself up and go crazy just so he doesn't fall asleep. AUGHH... the worst part is, we have to pay for it later on in the day - from when he gets out of bed until we get him back in again. Periodically, Daddy will go for a jog and take him along and he will sleep almost instantaneously. Just nap already!!!!!

No other updates at the moment. I have been so busy getting things done and dealing with house/kid/work things that my body is just pooped by the time I can sit. So, I don't sit... I lie down... thus the lack of posting because it is really hard to type sideways. :) And, given that things aren't slowing down any time soon, I don't think the situation is going to improve much in the next month.

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