Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Savory Surprise

Do you know what is fun? Taking a bit of lettuce and realizing after you have thoroughly chewed it that it is definitely NOT lettuce... perhaps mustard greens? Now, what to do with a head of mustard greens...

So, a friend of ours gets fresh produce from a local organic csa farm. It is generally more than they can eat so occasionally they will bring over a couple of things that they won't or can't eat. Apparently mustard greens are in that "won't/can't" group. And, now they are in mine. However, as Daddy points out, this would be great on a sandwich... no need to add mustard! As a side note, we are currently tracking our produce expenditures and seeing if we can afford to split a large weekly box with them. I am thinking we should have no problem finishing off a box in a week between all 8+ (she's the plus, not me). :)

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