Sunday, May 09, 2010

Quick Updates

Little Man:
loves school, mischief, and his siblings
has become quite the little bundle of emotion and isn't exactly sure what to do with it. can't wait for puberty. :)
parents having quite a time finding the balance between encouraging imagination/playfulness/exuberance and reinforcing social rules/appropriate behavior

Me to my mom: I am so glad that Squeaker is such an easy kid to get to sleep. WHAT?!?!?!
Does. NOT. Stop. TALKING!
Has not destroyed glasses in over 2 weeks (knocking on wood as I type this)

Little Lady:
VERY social and playful
Walking timidly... but walking
Needs a pet dog because, OMG, she gets so worked up at even a picture of a dog, let alone an actual dog.
Is not going to be a shrinking violet.

loving the kids
enjoying a full night sleep a little more frequently these days
can't wait for summer
have a lot of things they want to do to the house and need time and money to do them

PS. Not sure I should still be up, but glad I was able to update the blog. I have been wanting to post more frequently... can't wait for school/work to be done for the summer. :)

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