Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dreading Naptime - mostly a rant

So, these days I am dreading naptime. It seems that after 2 years, Squeaker STILL has a difficult time putting himself to sleep on his own. In the early days, and some of you will recall this 'fun' period, it took about 30 minutes of non-stop SCREAMING and thrashing to fall asleep. Then, as he got older, it was about 1-1.5 hours of playing in his crib before he would succumb. Now that he has freedom, it is a bit trickier. He is also a bit more worn out, so that is a bonus, but really, things are never going to change for him. I can not WAIT for his naps to no longer be a requirement. It is exhausting. The problem is, he just doesn't require as much sleep as some people in our family (LM and I) so I am at a loss. How can you not want to sleep??? I don't get it!

Anyhow, he is for sure getting better on the sleeping in a big boy bed, and gets out far less frequently. We have changed our strategy just a bit. Now, he is to go to his room and read for 10 minutes before getting in bed, in the hope that that helps calm him down and gets that book-reading urge out of his system. Then, once in bed, he generally only requires a couple of reminders to get back and stay there. ;) But, is is for sure awake and playing and jumping, and banging the wall, and seriously, he is going to hurt himself one of these days. There are rare, and I mean rare, occasions where he will fall right to sleep, but in general, I am more likely to fall asleep first. ;) Any suggestions??? I can't tape him down, tie him down, or otherwise secure him to the bed without getting visit from CPS... but holy cow, there are days when I consider it!

Oh, the trip to the San Diego Zoo was wonderful. The weather was gorgeous and the timing was perfect for everyones happiness. It seems that I am on a camera strike. I took almost 1,000 pics in October, and now, maybe 20? Not even worth uploading to the computer to post for your pleasure. I better get crackin'! We've not done a whole lot, but I am sure there is a good picture or two on there. I know there is a panda picture. Oh, okay, I will do it tonight after the boys are in bed. Fine.

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