Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and is able to enjoy being plastered to the couch in a turkey coma.  In our case, it will be a whole-wheat-pumpkin-muffin-with-homemade-cream-cheese-frosting-turkey coma.  Yummmy!  If you want some, be here at 8am.  Personally, I can't wait.

Apparently I chose the one with the beauty mark on his chin. Better than the possessed turkey that can be seen below... That was when I decided that mini m&m's were not the way to go with the eyes. Good thing I had more food coloring.


Melissa Haworth said...

so cute!

Theresa said...

OK, those are REALLY cute! =)

Grandma West said...

wow you are good creator's they look good enough to eat. happpy thanksgiving to you all.