Friday, November 07, 2008

Moving is Expensive

So, moving is expensive. Not just the actual moving your belongings stuff, but all the 'extras' that go along with it. We are done with the actual move move... but now, all the logistics of becoming CA residents is just money money money.

Wednesday, Daddy and I spent the afternoon at the DMV getting our driver's licenses -- luckily we were able to just renew our old ones from like 6 years ago (that saved a couple bucks, I am sure). -- and registering our cars. So, registering your car in another state... pricey. You pay to register each one, you pay for a smog inspection, you pay for plates, and it all adds up to like $600 at the end of it. It may have been a lot more than that even, I wasn't writing all the checks.

Then, to get licensed to work here I have to pay $10 here to verify this, $30 there to verify that, $70 for fingerprints, and that doesn't even include the cost of the actual license... whenever I get that.

Aughhhh... when is it ever going to end. Don't get me started in registration fees for preschool... seriously $95... why? You have openings, and the application is already photocopied, what more do you need. I am the one paying the monthly fees and for the pediatrician's okay that he is caught up on immunizations. Oh, brother! Sorry, enough complaining. I am off to bed. I am tired of waking up at 5am with Squeaker.

Oh, yah, that. Did i mention that Squeaker has been waking up most mornings around 5am, oblivious to the people around him, just walks down the hall to the living room like he is on a mission. then cries because we put up a gate so he can't go in there and hurt himself when we are all asleep. And, sometimes he can't get out of bed because he is getting out of the wrong side and keeps ramming himself into the wall, which makes him really mad. :( Oh, yah, where was I??? Right, so, he has been getting up and acting strange, then going back to sleep -- but since he is loud and noisy, he wakes up his brother who has a hard time going back to sleep because his mind starts working. ("But, why is it still dark outside", "why is my light not on?", "Why can i hear birds", "why is everyone still sleeping?" -- GO. TO. SLEEP... PLEASE!!!!!). So, we are awake at that point. Fun times. I brought up this waking to the doctor this week when we went in for his 2 year check up and the doc suggested it might be sleepwalking or night terrors. His solution, to wake him up after being asleep for 30 min then put him back to sleep. Try that for a week, then come back to give us another copay so I can tell you there is nothing wrong with him. humph. I suppose I am bitter and tired and just need to not be waking up so dang early every day. So, off to bed. oooo weeee, it is past my bedtime. it is almost 10. nighty night.

** really, I am tired and this post was just a random 'get-it-off-my-chest" post, sorry for that. Maybe I will put some fun pics in next time. :)

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Melissa H said...

I guess it would have been a rough weekend to visit after all. Hope things look up soon!