Wednesday, November 05, 2008

School, Sick, and Snotty...

School has begun again for Little Man. His first day was Monday. He told me he loved school about 5 times that afternoon. I am so glad I put him in 5 mornings a week!!! He has already come home with 4 art projects, worksheets and more 'communication' than his previous preschool. It is a nice change. Also, I have enjoyed being able to go into the classroom to drop off/pick up. Last year, I thought that the drop off line (where you don't even have to get out of the car) was awesome. This year, I know get to see what goes on in the classroom and get to spy him for the few minutes until he notices I am there - that is even better. I still have concerns over the 2x/week chapel service and the bible circle/saxon curriculum differentiation... but hey, he is 4 and really, what could they be brainwashing him with, anyway?

Sick times over here. GaMommy had something, and gave a variation to me, then today Squeaker has something that appears to be completely different. My guess -- he picked something up from the doctor's office when we went in for LM's annual checkup (and shots :( ) Luckily we are going in for Squeaker's annual checkup tomorrow and can find out what is ailing him. I guess we will wait on shots for a bit to let him recuperate.

Snotty is not in reference to sick snot. My lovely 4 year old, is a snotty little guy these days. You tell him one thing, and he does the opposite. Or ask him not to do something and he does exactly what you asked him not to do, but louder and more obnoxious. Fun times. I hope that this is a phase and that we are handling it okay so we don't create a oppositional monster. Or, I hope that he is just getting sick off whatever he licked off the patient table at the doctor's office. That might be better so that the 'phase' is even shorter.

Uh, yah fun times. Catcha later. I have to go to bed. I am exhausted and plan to be up several times tonight administering some drug or other to one or both of my kids... or myself.

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