Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday Musings

Sorry, been busy with moving logistics and working on a newly acquired play structure (off craigslist, of course). Anywho, here are a couple of musings:

LM: I have a good idea of what we can do today.
Me: Oh yah, what is it?
LM: We can go get the play structure and set it up in the backyard so I can play on it.
Me: That is a great idea. You know it is going to take us several days to get it and put it all back together, right?
LM: Oh, well, that is okay, I can help.
Me: And, you will be so helpful too.

Me: How come you put the shoe on the table?
Squeaker: Because

Me: How come you want to go outside?
Squeaker: Because

Me: How come you put the carrot in your milk?
Squeaker: Because

(do you see a theme here???)

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