Thursday, November 20, 2008


My boys are incompatible sleepers. It has been 2 years, and I have finally been convinced. They are just too different and it is not going to work out long-term. When we get a big huge house (oh, don't I wish), we are going to make sure that they can sleep in separate rooms. I don't see how it will work any other way... for my sanity, anyhow. I really, really, really want them to share a room too. Maybe when they are older??? I can only hope.

Otherwise, every naptime is going to end up with the room looking like this.

Little Man:
  • Requires a lot of sleep and sleeps soundly for the most part.
  • Falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.
  • Wakes up at the crack of dawn, for some unknown reason, still tired.

  • Requires minimal sleep, and doesn't sleep very soundly. If he hears anything, he will immediately sit straight up and wake himself up completely instead of rolling over and going back to sleep.
  • Takes 2 hours to fall asleep on a regular basis for naps, maybe 30-45 min or so at night.
  • Wakes up at a decent hour, well rested and ready for the day... if allowed. But given my first bullet point, and LM's third bullet point, it is not working out so well.

Also not working out so well... naptime. Since it takes Squeaker a good 2 hours to fall asleep most days, LM can't fall asleep in the same room. So, he gets the boot and sleeps in GaMommy's room or our room and is usually awake before Squeaker falls asleep. this is incompatible for me. :)

Ah, fun times. So, most of our afternoon is spent with me pulling my hair out, hoping that my sleeper gets the rest he needs, and the non sleeper gets the rest he requires to grow up big and strong.

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