Sunday, June 13, 2010

Slacker Mom and Sleepover

My brand not-so-new title. I blame my kids and work almost entirely. It is perhaps 3%, well, i can go as far as 12% my fault - lack of exercise, staying up too late (partial blame to the kids), not eating well.

- no blog updates for days/weeks
- not recording (in any way shape or form) Little Lady's milestones
- yelling WAY too much at my wild and crazy children (yes, all three are wild and crazy - lucky me)
- falling out of touch with friends
- avoiding healthy eating and exercise like it is my job
- needing to make various appointments for various things and just not doing it
- not having fun with my kids as much as I want to
- I am not sure when I last read a book
- purposefully forgetting to use the video camera because it is a hassle

That is plenty for now.

So I don't further drag myself into the pits of despair, tonight we are having a sleepover in our room, complete with brand new jammy pants (courtesy of yours truly) for the boys:

We figured that Little Lady needed to get used to being in the peapod before we took off camping and hoteling this summer. We also figured, since daddy has a long meeting first thing in the morning (before our wake-up time), this would be a great opportunity to hang out and be silly. Of course, all the kids went to bed at different times, but they are all asleep and we are soon to follow.

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