Friday, June 25, 2010

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Little Lady!

You are such a ham, a wonderful baby, and a pure delight!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Productivity - Day 2

No day 1 post... sorry -- it didn't get done yesterday. Sometimes I am productive... though mostly I feel like I am just treading water. Yesterday and today were a couple of those "Productive" days.

  • 1 Push wagon repaired - new bottom required after I smashed the original (It was sabotage, by the way) - required a trip to Home Depot with all three children to get appropriate piece of fiberboard cut to size* (was not quite "to size"- used file to sand edges down, took too long, so used dremel and went much quicker but not quite straight... kids won't care)
  • 1 Toilet cleaned (didn't I JUST clean it? -- and now I ran out of toilet cleaning supplies)
  • 1 toilet seat replaced and old nasty seat properly disposed of in outdoor trashcan (new toilet seat purchased from Target since I was unable to access toilet seat row at Home depot for the length of the visit and did not want to wait for them to remove the blockade)
  • 2 boys properly scolded for peeing all over the bathroom after it had just been cleaned (not the first reprimand of this type)
  • 1 princess dressed in adorable tu-tu outfit (which was exchanged at Babies R Us yesterday for a 24mo size... 24 MONTHS... she isn't even ONE! - Such a big girl.
  • 8 audio books uploaded to iPod shuffle for Little Man
  • 0 videos uploaded to Blackberry because after 2 hours, I still can't get it to work. I need to do more research or stop using free software to convert files and break down and spend $30 to do it right and quickly.
  • 1 soccer game watched while making pancakes and eggs -- WOO HOO USA
  • 1 paper mache lady bug partially created, with some minor mishaps and should finish up tonight - hopefully
  • 2 grocery store visits because even with a list, I still miss things, or just like hauling 3 kids to the store.

Now, off to the dentist, then pick up a weekly produce box, pick up pizza, then game night. Perhaps a glass of wine will be in order when this is all done. I am exhausted just typing this... ooooo "1 blog post after about a week!"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

County Fair

This afternoon I felt brave and decided to take the kiddos to the county fair. I have great memories there, from years past, mostly from selling ride tickets... but, I did spend a lot of time there. I wanted to share this with the kids. My sister met us there (yeah) and we trekked around Kiddieland and some exhibits. We saw animals, food, and TONS of people. It was perfect weather and I really should have taken more pictures of the fair itself. Alas, this is all I have:


Okay, so it has been a couple weeks and then just a random complain-y post, so here is some fun stuff:
  • Weekday working is done for me (I still work on Saturdays) -- can I get a HALLELUJAH!!!
  • Summer vacation is here
  • Little Man is reading, riding his bike, coming up with the most creative stories that we should really write them out and publish them. (summer project?)
  • Squeaker has not broken his glasses in 2 months-ish
  • Little Lady is a walking, talking fool. Mostly a walking fool with a few garbled words and a great deal of signs. It is amazing how smart these babies are!

(she moves too fast for me to get a decent picture)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Special Breakfast

Squeaker suggested we eat breakfast on the balcony-- so I am making raspberry-cream cheese filled french toast... Yummmmm

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Slacker Mom and Sleepover

My brand not-so-new title. I blame my kids and work almost entirely. It is perhaps 3%, well, i can go as far as 12% my fault - lack of exercise, staying up too late (partial blame to the kids), not eating well.

- no blog updates for days/weeks
- not recording (in any way shape or form) Little Lady's milestones
- yelling WAY too much at my wild and crazy children (yes, all three are wild and crazy - lucky me)
- falling out of touch with friends
- avoiding healthy eating and exercise like it is my job
- needing to make various appointments for various things and just not doing it
- not having fun with my kids as much as I want to
- I am not sure when I last read a book
- purposefully forgetting to use the video camera because it is a hassle

That is plenty for now.

So I don't further drag myself into the pits of despair, tonight we are having a sleepover in our room, complete with brand new jammy pants (courtesy of yours truly) for the boys:

We figured that Little Lady needed to get used to being in the peapod before we took off camping and hoteling this summer. We also figured, since daddy has a long meeting first thing in the morning (before our wake-up time), this would be a great opportunity to hang out and be silly. Of course, all the kids went to bed at different times, but they are all asleep and we are soon to follow.