Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No More!

We have had quite a month so far and although it is a short month, we still have one whole week left!

The whole dang family has been sick for like 3 weeks. Seems like Little Lady has been sick for like 5 weeks and Little Man may have gone through it twice. Anyhow, we are at the tail end... I hope... and are recovering. I am going to get a new can of lysol and a few rags, and wipe everything off and kill all germs.

Despite illnesses, we have made some big changes around here over the past few weeks:

No More Diapers (almost)
Little Man is FINALLY potty trained at night. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! Yeah! We, of course, bribed him. I told him that on Jan 1, we were starting. He had a month or so to prepare mentally. Then on 1/1, we did it cold turkey. It took several days initially to get the idea. Our deal was, if he can go 14 days without a wet bed, we'd have a BIG prize for him. I asked him for suggestions on a "BIG" prize. He immediately (and enthusiastically) says, "a bouncy ball!" We encourage him to think "bigger" because who would really want to get out of a cozy, warm bed every night to go pee for a... bouncy ball??? So, he thought that Disneyland was a good idea and also watching all the Star Wars movies (that we told him he could watch when he was 12). So, eventually, we landed on Star Wars (and our wallets were quite happy with his decision!)

Anyhow, it only took 1 month to get 14 days in a row. Unbelievable. He was amazing. Obviously, he was ready and my doctor's "age 9-12 for maturity" comment was not accurate in this case. He was simply l.a.z.y. And, I am glad. We are on movie 5 of 6 with 6 to be watched today. I can't wait. Little Man is a little less enthused as he watches mostly through the other side of a blanket or from across the room.

No More Sounds
We have been using sound machines in the kids rooms since birth. We are finally tired of having to worry about bringing the sound machines with us on all our travels and sleepovers. So, we decided since we weren't sleeping due to coughing (see above re: illnesses) AND there was no school for a week... we'd go cold turkey on this one too. No problems. Yea!!!

No More Cable
Unrelated to kids (sorta) we decided that we really don't watch a lot of tv. I mean, we have a few shows we enjoy watching and those are mostly on the local channels. We never got into the pay channels, aside from "someone's" addiction to ESPN. We did a little research and decided that in order to watch just local channels, we'd need a digital converter and an antenna. I solicited recommendations on a digital converter. Everyone I talked to tried to sell me a T.V. instead. Okay, so finally after someone (not me) got a bonus at work, we/he decided that we might as well invest in a nicer tv. Not that there was anything wrong with our 10+ year old sharp crt tv. It was doing surprisingly well, all things considered. We found a great sale on a highly rated digital t.v.... one that fit in our tiny little room and still was (and IS) awesome. So, I also bought an antenna. It works quite well. We signed up for a free trial to netflix and so far, all is good. It has been only 1 week, but it is great. My computer hooks right up to the tv for any online shows (i.e., disney, nick, etc) but eventually we'd like to get a dedicated computer for that so as to not wear out my fancy computer. As for now, we are cable free!

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Melissa Haworth said...

wow, big month! We are way too addicted to cable ;)