Monday, July 16, 2007

Better Luck next time

Happy Anniversary to us - 7 Years! WOO HOO!
Mommy and Daddy attempted a date night... movie and dinner... but the boys had other plans. We had a wonderful girl come babysit for us and we left our numbers in the event that the Squeaker caused some problems for her. Unfortunately, she had to use the numbers. :( Poor guys and poor babysitter. The evening ended for Mommy just before the climax of the movie (good thing she has already read the book and knows what happens). Came home, held squeaker, and he is immediately quiet and happy, turns to look at the babysitter and smiles at her -- the STINKER!!!!! The Little Man was already in bed, and a little teary as well, but mostly because of peer pressure I am pretty sure.

On another note, here is an adorable video that a friend told me about from Shutterfly:


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Melissa Haworth said...

happy anniversary