Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I am SO not ready for this

Here is a picture I took of Squeaker a few minutes ago. Sorry they are so blurry and hard to see, it was on my camera phone and I was trying to spot him as he scaled the bed. This was on the second attempt. I was putting the Little Man to bed for his afternoon nap, when I felt slobber on my arm... how the heck did Squeaker get saliva up that high? Well, when I looked over, he was almost over the top rail of the bed. YIKES! I had no idea I had to watch him THAT closely!!!!! Apparently, when you turn 9 mos at our house, you turn into a monkey. :)


Melissa Haworth said...

holy crap! Biscuit still doesn't climb like that--you have a monkey.

Oh, and call me, the "I still haven't sent your b-day gift and I am the worst friend ever" guilt is starting to get to me ;)

fairfax44 said...

Brings back vivid memories!