Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Watch out Picasso

Here comes our Little Man.

Mommy: Hey, would you draw me a picture?
LM: Sure, Mommy, what do you want me to draw for you? (seriously, that is what he said)
Mommy: How about you draw me a person.
LM: Sure, okay.
Mommy: First we need a head (lm draws a head)... then eyes... a nose... smile... how about ears? (LM draws each part as they are named)
Mommy: Okay, how does it look? Are we missing anything?
LM: Yes, a chin (draws a chin)
LM: Oh, and ears
Mommy: But you already gave him ears.
LM: We need more ears
Mommy: Okay then... how about hair instead.
LM: No, hair AND ears.
Mommy: okay!

By the way, HAPPY 3/4ths BIRTHDAY, Squeaker!


fairfax44 said...

That drawing is definitely mat and frame worthy.

Grandma West said...

WoW do we have an artist in the family or not?--LOVE Grandma West

gamommy said...

the grandmas are sure enjoying the artwork. me too!

Swistle said...

I clicked over from Under Construction to see the original art. It is really cute! I love the look of it.