Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Modeling boys and stuff

The Little Man was striking a pose with his new (consignment sale) kicks. Adorable! Mommy is so jealous.

Squeaker modeling his backpack. He was so proud of himself... walking around the (messy) living room!

And stuff:

* Squeaker decided to curtail the sleeping through the night thing, as I had guessed he would after I so proudly (and stupidly) posted the news.
* Squeaker has also reversed his diaper habits from never to always. I swear I change at least 2-3 poops a day... yesterday -- 5! What the heck!!!???
* The Little Man's new mantra: "I don't want to go to preschool EVER again". This just pops out of his mouth several times throughout the day. Nothing appears to trigger it, and in case you are concerned... he ADORES preschool! (I know this because he always gets in the car after preschool with the exclamation, "I love my preschool. I had a great time today.")
* I am sick of having our house on the market and it not selling. Clearly you all aren't doing your job spreading the word about our lovely home. I want it SOLD! So, in that spirit, we are taking it off the market on Monday. No, no, not giving up... we are taking matters into our own hands... we are going to make this place irresistible! Our house is wonderful, everyone who comes to look at it says so. But, it is just not "IT". They all continue on to find a house similar to ours that maybe has a few more upgrades, and maybe in a nicer neighborhood. We can't change the neighborhood, but we can add in a few more niceties. We will keep you posted.
* My babies are getting older. It is a sad month for me. It is really hard to believe that my once bald, chubby little man is turning 3. He is slim, articulate, and smart as a whip.... No way he's the same baby we sat around staring at for hours at a time as he blew bubbles with his spit. (okay, that was just me... the staring part, not the bubbles) And, Squeaker... ONE? Are you kidding me? I was just pregnant. I can't believe that a year has passed since his early arrival... where has this year gone???? At least I have pictures.
*Enough about me and my kids... how bout this weather, eh? It is like summer!!!!! It really is nice, however I am concerned that we are going to miss out on a lovely fall and skip right into a brutal winter. THAT would NOT be good.
* Oh, and for those who might be interested... I LOVE my new computer. It is great. I can count how many times I have used my old computer on one hand since this one arrived. I am currently playing with the iMovie program and hope to whittle down a 10 minute segment of Squeaker showing off to a more manageable clip. Maybe in the next day or two, if I get a child-free naptime.

Okay, enough randomness for one post.

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