Friday, October 05, 2007

Soccer musings

The Little Man just woke up from his afternoon nap (a long nap, too... yeah). He came out wearing his shinguards, soccer socks, and shoes... no pants....

Looking as cute as he was, I giggled and this is the conversations that followed:

Me: Wow, look at you!
LM: Yup, I woked up and said, "oh YAH... soccer!" (a little ye-yah in the 'yah')
Me: you did, huh. Well, it looks like you are all ready.
LM: Oh yah, i put on my soccer stuff when I woked up so I could play soccer.
Me: you sure did, but you forgot your pants.
LM: Oh... oh, it might be tricky with this stuff, will you help me?
Me: sure, go get your stuff.
LM: (after all dressed) you are supposed to say he's so clever
Me: Oh, oops... okay, Boy, you are such a clever boy!
LM: (beeming)
a minute passes and he is still holding his soccer ball.... then he puts on his goggles
LM: I need these goggles to protect me in case I get hurt playing soccer.
Me: Well, it looks like you are ready, then.

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