Sunday, August 17, 2008

57 days and counting

Well, we turned in our 60 day notice this week at our apartment complex. So, that means we need to be out by mid October or we are homeless. We think we may leave even earlier than that so that we can get Little Man started in a preschool well before the Christmas holiday. We'll keep you posted on our ETD. Right now, the next order of business is to find someone to take a large chunk of our hard earned money to move our stuff all the way across country. Apparently we are saving some money by not moving in the summer, but honestly, it can't be much... it is still pretty expensive.

Your job is to help us with our road trip. We are accepting advice, entertainment suggestions, places to see, places to avoid, etc... come on, just do it... just comment... you know you want to... :)

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G's Mommy said...

We LOVED our moving company that brought our stuff from NY to VA. They were based out of Portland, ME but didn't mind coming to NY to pick our stuff up. My sister and her in-laws have used them at least 5-7 times, all great experiences. Oh, and they were much cheaper (ahem, less expensive) than the other quotes I got. Give them a call!