Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Musings

Sad musings, but musings

Me (to LM): Do you like our apartment?
LM: Sure I do
Me: What do you like the best.
LM: My toys
Me: Oh that is true, but what do you like about the house part of the apartment
LM: The back porch
Me: The back porch, huh, alright.
Me: Do you miss our house?
LM: Yes, I do.
Me: What do you miss about it.
LM: Playing in the backyard.
Me: Our backyard was so fun, wasn't it. We'll get you a backyard again soon, buddy, after we move.
LM: Yea! And toys too in a new house?
Me: Of course, we'll bring all your toys.

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