Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Name Game

So, since we now know that the baby is a girl, we are going to start thinking of names. I had wanted to bring our baby name books on our flight to VA, but since we can't find them, I will have to see if I can get some at the library tomorrow. Anyhow, I have been reading this blog off and on and have just added it to my subscriptions. :) But, since we aren't flying any fancy airline, we won't have internet access on our flight. Now it is up to you and the local library. Without knowing, or maybe you do, my sons' names, help me think of a girl's name to go along with it. Here is a hint, we like unusual names, but ones that when you look at them, you can say them. My oldest son's name is an invented name. My second son's name is an Irish saint name. Anything goes, but as a disclaimer, I work with children so any name that I would associate with a past client, most definitely a "memorable" client, will not be considered. How is that for impossible!?!?!

Fire away!


krisfun said...

I have a couple right now, and I'll probably add a few later ( I love reading Swistle's sites; thanks for the links BTW)


The last keeps up the "n" sound at the end of everyone's name...not sure if you want to continue that?
Anyway, no hard feelings if you hate these names...have fun finding "the One".

Melissa Haworth said...

so I always think of your favorite names having a hard "c" sound that goes with the hard c in your last name but krisfun rightfully points your boys names both end in an n. I have a whole list of names at work but trying to recreate: Kierra (like sierra with a K--we have a friend who's daughter has this name), Quinlan--oooh, that fits both "criteria" I made up; Cora; Cassandra (too common?); Laine; Callie (I do like that)

I'll find my list at work tomorrow

krisfun said...

That's funny, I thought of Cora too!
I agree that the hard "c" names go great with your last name.
How about Kendall, Carys, or Keegan?