Friday, June 26, 2009

Ah, memories

Now I remember what it is like to stay up all night, to hear the desperate plea for help when there is an air bubble, and those first few messy diapers! It is all coming back to me!

She sure is cute though! Except she looks a little mad in this picture. But she is sleeping so that is good. Now I have to think of a fitting blog name for her. I mean we FINALLY decide on a name and now I have to think of another... Come on.

When the boys came for a visit yesterday, Little Man asked, "Is she a real baby?". How cute is that. Oh, and Squeaker wanted to touch her spit bubbles. Ahhhhh. Should be fun having this new plaything around!


Melissa Haworth said...

I think her blog name should be Trey since she's #3. Maybe that is too masculine? What about Emmy?

Karen said...

Congrats! She's beautiful! said...

maybe princess or some other name to show she will be in charge