Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I think I need some closure on a few items... some may call this 'nesting', I call it 'way too many things on my mind':

  • Baby still has no name
  • Our new house is a MESS and unlivable for the moment 
  • I thought I was done at work, but found out on my 'last' day that an IEP had been scheduled for this Thursday, so I have to go in... AGAIN
  • Our house is full of boxes, misplaced and broken down furniture.
  • Squeaker is a royal mess -- he is wild, excitable, teething, etc.
  • I don't fit into my clothes anymore.
  • Little Man wants to move into our new house and asks several times a day if we can. It is driving me crazy.
  • We need way too much stuff for our new house - that is what happens when you get rid of everything (cleaning supplies, condiments, everything you don't move cross country)
  • I am uncomfortable and would love very much if baby-no-name comes a bit early, assuming the ultrasound goes well on Monday
  • We have no moved out of my mom's house and really can't given the state of our new house -- okay, I would put up a picture, but I went to the house yesterday to meet with a roofer and the boys were HORRIBLY behaved (I know, you are shocked) so I couldn't even take a minute to catch our mess on camera. Besides, the garage door needs repair... ooo, next bullet
  • Our house needs a new garage door opener, roof repair, huge and dangerous trampoline gone out of the backyard, gaping hole of a spa covered and secured, exposed wiring in boys' bedrooms covered, side gate latches installed, new windows, screens, oh dear... is there more, probably, but this is a good start.

Anyhow, my mind is constantly going and I just want to sit here all day and finish up some craft projects and I really can't because I can't sit for more than 20 minutes without feeling like someone hit me with a sharp object from behind or having to go pee.

Wait, I really shouldn't be posting anything these days, seems like all I can muster up to write are complaints complaints and more complaints. My point is supposed to be, we need to get some of these tasks completed so we can all have piece of mind.

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Missy said...

reagrding the 8th bullet - thanks for the cleaning supplies, condiments and everything else you didn't want/couldn't move across country. we still have a 2 lb bag of oatmeal and three bottles of expired sunscreen left. oh, and humidifier chemicals. thanks!