Monday, July 20, 2009


We are camping this week at the beach. Little Lady was not super cooperative during my designated packing time but we got it done. The campground is near Santa Barbara and is on the beach. We can hear the waves rolling onto shore as we sleep and we can sit and stare at the ocean all day- or in those few moments when we aren't chasing the kids around.

The drive yesterday was pleasant... Except for when we had to stop in the 108 degree temps. Luckily, W0 minutes later, and a drive over the mountains, it was like 30 degrees cooler.

And, after our first night as a family of five camped in one monstrous tent, we are officially on vacation! 5am wake ups and all (Little Man may have set a new record!). Little lady did well with minimal crying/complaining. And squeaker managed to sleep slightly past his siblings - he didn't have a chance with all the noise of the other two!

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