Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

We had such a wonderful weekend, I just have to share. We were blessed with some special visitors. Firstly, Grandma West came down for a visit and to meet her 13th great grandchild. 13 is a lot of great grand children. Especially since she has 4 more grandchildren that have yet to add to that number. Little Lady had a great time snoozing on Grandma's shoulder and in her arms throughout the weekend. She is the perfect size. LM and Squeaker are too big for that now. ;)

And, if that wasn't excitement enough, my best friend came down with her mom and her daughter. I love that we live close enough that we have been able to see each other 3 times already this year and we were barely able to see each other once a year when we lived on the east coast. We didn't do a whole lot - but it was great. I even got a girl's night of shopping out of it. I can't tell you the last time I have been to the mall sans whiny kids. It was delightful. We did have a 2 week old tag-a-long, but she slept the whole time, so I can't complain. And, then, as a trial run for next week, we took everyone to the beach. It was wonderful. The boys, despite being tired, had a great time and did very well. I should have put on sunscreen and perhaps we should have given Squeaker some sunglasses* but all in all, it was perfect weather, kids had fun and the day was amazing.

*did you know that you can get a sunburn on your eyeballs?

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Melissa Haworth said...

Thanks for the hospitality! It was so great to see you all.