Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Um, sleep, where are you?????

Where did the last few months go????? I am not sure, but it definitely was NOT spent working out, eating less carbs, yelling at my kids less. Is it January 1st already? I need to set some new resolutions! My first will be to go to bed before 10pm. Why, you ask? Well, because Miss 5-month-old-tomorrow has pretty much stopped sleeping through the night and for me, this leads to the following:
waking up twice at night
being very tired in the morning
being cranky in the morning
being impatient with the boys
yelling at the boys
feeling bad for yelling at the boys
being more cranky
drinking coffee
feeling like 1 cup should be enough then eating chocolate or other sweets to compensate for being tired and cranky
feeling bad for eating chocolate and other sweets
being too tired after the boys go to bed, or first thing in the morning to work out, so I don't
feeling bad for not working out when I am eating so horribly
and on and on and on

So, in order to break this cycle, I am going to go to bed early. How about right now. And, since there are no plans tomorrow... other than the obvious "make tons of food to consume in large quantities for Thanksgiving"... I plan to get LOTS of exercise. Anyone for a walk?

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