Saturday, December 26, 2009

Recovery mode

Party. Party. Party. Party. Breathe!

The kids have been up very late 5 nights in a row, we are all sick (nothing terrible, just little colds, thankfully), and the house is in a terrible state. I think everyone needs a nap! :).

We were very lucky that Santa stopped by our house given the behavior we saw Christmas eve - I think he tends to look past the over-excited naughtiness- and our house is filled with equal parts toys and wrappings. I sure am glad this is a once a year thing!

I am looking forward to our final week off. Maybe we'll go to the movies or play some of our new games. One thing I really want to do is go to the zoo. The festival of lights that has been at the wild animal park for years is no longer. I can't wait to see the replacement festivities at the zoo. Luckily there is a whole week and no definite plans - we'll see if and I ever wake from my long winter's nap.

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