Saturday, December 19, 2009


That is the sound of time flying. At least, I think it is as I can't even pay attention to THAT. My goodness... I don't know what has happened the past 2 weeks, but I am pretty sure it involves NOT getting ready for Christmas. Let's do this by the numbers, shall we:

6 evaluations/IEP meetings at work (in addition to current caseload)
1 dentist appointment for child with black tooth
1 child left at home with Daddy while Mommy and other 2 fly across the country
4 hours of delay at 2 airports
4 days of visiting friends and family in Virginia
2 Grandparents meeting Little Lady for the first time
2 vomit incidents on airplanes
0 days of snow on trip... bad timing, I hear they have PLENTY of snow now.
-620 hours of sleep (and counting)
1 baby who decided that she didn't want to ever take a bottle again
4 different family/friends watching kids while Mommy goes crazy keeping up with current work schedule (thank you family/friends!!!)
1 VERY VERY messy and undecorated house
75 pictures cropped poorly by snapfish requiring redo
3 trips to Walmart (see above)
1 more vomit incident on one of the trips to walmart
1 ornament purchased by husband for baby girl who is very caucasian and ornament is very NOT caucasian -- does it make a difference???? Eh, perhaps not.
1 date with husband to see Blindside which I liked very much.
1 cold spreading through family

Okay, now I need to eat some chocolate and go to bed because Little Lady likes to eat at night (see above) and I am tired!!!

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Melissa Haworth said...

I don't think it matters at all but want to see the ornament Mr. C picked! PHoto?