Friday, February 26, 2010

Standing and Not Standing

Let's start with the "not" standing.

I can't stand:
  • working more than my anticipated schedule. (I am scheduled to work 3 days/week. This week, I am working 5. That is too much. Mostly because I just can't keep up with the household things. Essentials, like dinner, are done. Laundry, apparently not so essential... yet!
  • being unable to sleep at night - sometimes due to a cute little thing, sometimes due to stressful work happenings
  • not having 10 minutes to myself in a week. Well, aside from sleep, that is!

Now, on to the STANDING:
  • Our adorable little stander, is indeed standing. She pulls up on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and EVERY WAKING MOMENT of EVERY DAY!

1 comment:

Melissa Haworth said...

I love the new photos in the sidebar--hope the work situation is better next week!