Friday, March 05, 2010

Precious little time

We have precious little free time at our house these days. I suppose that working more means more money, but at this point, with 3 little ones, it really means making more chaos. :)

Hopefully, we'll be able to manage the next 3 months! It really would help if Little Lady was sleeping through the night and if the other two didn't require their own law enforcement officer 24/7. This morning, when Daddy went into their room, they had been putting stuffed animals on top of the ceiling fan blades and watching them fly across the room. Clever or Naughty? Can't say that I wouldn't want to try this myself. ;)

Little Lady remains a happy, pleasant baby, going with the flow 99% of the time. Seems she is teething at the moment, so a bit more cranky these days, but she is still so very manageable. However, I see that we have some trouble ahead. She has started standing, dancing and thinks she can walk, so will soon be cruising with the greatest of ease. Unfortunately, she appears to be motivated by movement and curious about everything... so chances are, we'll have Trouble-Maker #3 on our hands sooner rather than later!!!

Next week will be a more pleasant week, hopefully, which will be a nice break from our current routine.

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