Monday, March 08, 2010

I am a Genius

This morning a friend came over for a few minutes to return some maternity things. I am not sure if we will use them again, or not, but at least we have more boxes to store now. :) Anyway, as we are sitting there chatting, Little Lady got pretty fussy. It was uncharacteristic. She is not sick, she was tired, but she was yelling. Now, she is 8 months old, and a delight of a baby girl. Her complaints are usually founded and if she cries, it is for a good reason. But, today, I just couldn't figure it out. So, I put her down and she cried for a bit longer than normal. Strange, but come on, what is a 6 minute cry versus a 2 minute cry? Then, after she fell asleep, and as I was prepared to leave her in the capable hands of Daddy (who was working diligently in the room down the hall), I heard complaints. And not complaints from Daddy. What is going on? There must be something. So, I gave her a full head to toe, changed her diaper, fed her, and still no reason for the fussiness. Then, as we were playing, I saw ONE drip of drool coming out of her mouth and it brought me back a few years to the boys as babies. Drool. Ah HA! Little Man and Squeaker drool= Normal. LOTS of Little Man and Squeaker drool= TEETH!

Little Lady does not drool much, if at all. So, this one drip hanging from her chin got me thinking. We are 8 months now, right? Could teeth FINALLY be emerging???? I know, obvious, right? But, I kinda forgot that she didn't have teeth yet. The boys both got their first teeth around 5 months or so. She is a little slow on the tooth growing, apparently. So, a quick look in the mouth and one of the two slow growing bumps has FINALLY erupted. There is a nice little line beneath all that saliva! One little squeak from her and something is clearly wrong. And, I, after exhausting all other options, figured it out. I am a genius!

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