Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apples, Wine, Ice Cream, and Bread... Oh My!

Alternate title: Eating our way through Julian, CA

What a busy morning we had... No school for the kids meant apple picking for us. We tried to get there right when it opened since it has been warm the past few days. We headed up to pick up GaMommy and Uncle Joey then trekked out to Julian for some fall fun. First stop, apple picking. Tiny apple trees produce teeny apples. I have already decided it is going to be a "rustic" apple pie or nothing since I can't imagine peeling 50 of these itsy bitsy apples to make a full pie. They are delicious, though!

Next stop (about 300 feet down the road) was a local winery where we split a tasting between all of us since it was 10 am, 2/3 of us are light-weights, and we all wanted to be awake and perky the rest of the morning. I ended up purchasing the merlot... yummy.

Then into town to the soda fountain where we consumed 1 extra large milkshake, delicious black cherry ice cream, a grape soda float and an orange soda float. yummy, yet again. I forget how good really good ice cream actually is. yummmmmmyyyyy.....

Final stop, on our way back home, Dudley's Bakery. Now, I have fond memories of fresh baked Dudley's bread and it has always been a must-stop for me, however, this loaf I bought was way too airy and not as flavorful as I recall Dudley's bread tasting. I was disappointed, but maybe I have too high of standards. I do love my bread. ;)

Anyway, a fun Wednesday and a great way to usher in the end of the week!

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