Friday, September 10, 2010

Yard Work

There is something about moving into a new house (which is not in anyway NEW) that makes you just want to make it your own. We were very distracted after moving into our current home. We have been slowly trying to figure out how to arrange our existing 'stuff' into this new configuration. It is trial and error and a very fluid system. As a matter of fact, we just rearranged the family room last night (instead of laundry -yea for procrastination) and it looks much more homey. Anyhow... besides all the BIG things we want to do, and by big, i mean expensive-big, the yard is something we have been itching to make our own. I have been slowly cutting back overgrown plants, only to discover some wonderful (an much more to my liking) plants, vines and shrubs. There is still a lot to be done, but getting rid of ugly grass and uneven lawn was and is a much needed next step. Here we* are in the beginning stages:

*and by "we", I really mean not ME at all!

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but what about all the moral support