Monday, March 29, 2010

Guessing Game: In a galaxy far, far away

Guess what this is? I will give you two guesses. When I asked what it was, I got a very, "not true" answer. Very quick on his feet that Little Man is. :)

Hint: Not a "water squirter" or a "scanning thingy"

Friday, March 26, 2010

Star Wars Spelling

Anakin (I don't think I'm right either, but at least closer!)
Obi-Wan (V=U; sideways 7s=N)
Luke (G=C)

Whatever motivates them... Right?!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Preppy Girl

So, if she's this cute right now, imagine how cute I'd think she was with more than 3 hours of sleep!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Let's All Join Together!

I am all for getting rid of Daylight Savings time. It is a PAIN for those of us with kids. I mean, we worked so hard to get them to sleep in later in the morning and we have been doing well for the past month or so. Now THIS! Today, I had to go in and WAKE my boys for school. That is CRAZINESS! Coffee helped me, but poor kids, they are already ready for bedtime at it is only 3pm. I hope tomorrow is better, but likely not since I have a 7:15 meeting. I bet whoever scheduled that one 2 days after daylight savings is kicking themselves right now! :)

Come on Spring!

Sunday was BEAUTIFUL! The first weekend in several weeks when it wasn't cold and rainy. As a fun adventure, we went to the Flower Fields. I had never been and wanted to go last year. For one reason or another, I never made it, but this year...

The boys had a great time. Little Lady slept the whole time. It was warm and I actually got a little sun on my arms. I hope the rest of our weekends are this nice.

Monday, March 08, 2010

I am a Genius

This morning a friend came over for a few minutes to return some maternity things. I am not sure if we will use them again, or not, but at least we have more boxes to store now. :) Anyway, as we are sitting there chatting, Little Lady got pretty fussy. It was uncharacteristic. She is not sick, she was tired, but she was yelling. Now, she is 8 months old, and a delight of a baby girl. Her complaints are usually founded and if she cries, it is for a good reason. But, today, I just couldn't figure it out. So, I put her down and she cried for a bit longer than normal. Strange, but come on, what is a 6 minute cry versus a 2 minute cry? Then, after she fell asleep, and as I was prepared to leave her in the capable hands of Daddy (who was working diligently in the room down the hall), I heard complaints. And not complaints from Daddy. What is going on? There must be something. So, I gave her a full head to toe, changed her diaper, fed her, and still no reason for the fussiness. Then, as we were playing, I saw ONE drip of drool coming out of her mouth and it brought me back a few years to the boys as babies. Drool. Ah HA! Little Man and Squeaker drool= Normal. LOTS of Little Man and Squeaker drool= TEETH!

Little Lady does not drool much, if at all. So, this one drip hanging from her chin got me thinking. We are 8 months now, right? Could teeth FINALLY be emerging???? I know, obvious, right? But, I kinda forgot that she didn't have teeth yet. The boys both got their first teeth around 5 months or so. She is a little slow on the tooth growing, apparently. So, a quick look in the mouth and one of the two slow growing bumps has FINALLY erupted. There is a nice little line beneath all that saliva! One little squeak from her and something is clearly wrong. And, I, after exhausting all other options, figured it out. I am a genius!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Squeaker Says

Conversation at bedtime

Me: Good night.
Squeaker: Good night. Can I have a drink of water?
Me: Why do you always ask for a drink of water?
Squeaker: Because I do.
Me: If you give me a good reason, I will get you a drink. (Thinking he'd say "Because I am thirsty")
Squeaker: (beaming) Okay, um, hmmm.. because I always ask for water.
Me: Not a good reason. Try again.
Squeaker: Hummm, because I kick off my covers.
Me: Not a good reason. Try again.
Squeaker: Because I like blanket sandwiches. (being silly)
Me: Nope. Okay, you get one more chance. If you give me a good reason, I'll get water. If you don't, I am leaving.
Squeaker: Hummm, hummm, ummm, hum. (silence) Because I love you very much.
Me: (beaming) Okay, I'll get you water.
Squeaker: (giggles)

Friday, March 05, 2010

Precious little time

We have precious little free time at our house these days. I suppose that working more means more money, but at this point, with 3 little ones, it really means making more chaos. :)

Hopefully, we'll be able to manage the next 3 months! It really would help if Little Lady was sleeping through the night and if the other two didn't require their own law enforcement officer 24/7. This morning, when Daddy went into their room, they had been putting stuffed animals on top of the ceiling fan blades and watching them fly across the room. Clever or Naughty? Can't say that I wouldn't want to try this myself. ;)

Little Lady remains a happy, pleasant baby, going with the flow 99% of the time. Seems she is teething at the moment, so a bit more cranky these days, but she is still so very manageable. However, I see that we have some trouble ahead. She has started standing, dancing and thinks she can walk, so will soon be cruising with the greatest of ease. Unfortunately, she appears to be motivated by movement and curious about everything... so chances are, we'll have Trouble-Maker #3 on our hands sooner rather than later!!!

Next week will be a more pleasant week, hopefully, which will be a nice break from our current routine.