Thursday, March 01, 2007

One step closer to soccer mom

I am officially a hypocrite in the midst of an identity crisis. :) No, it isn't that bad, but I had always sworn I would never own a minivan since the market has been flooded with SUVs of all shapes and sizes. And, I was scarred by a minivan that my family owned that I thought was hideous. I always thought that a SUV would be fine. That is until I drove a minivan... and looked at prices of larger SUVs... and succumbed to the peer pressure. (Almost) all my friends were doing it. Well, as of Tuesday, we are the proud owners of this beaut:

She does not yet have a name, but we are working on it. I think I might have to take some time and get used to driving such a big car first... and me feeling okay about passing on the Highlander to Daddy.

I guess this step was inevitable, I just didn't see it coming this quickly. Soccer mom, her I come!


mom5su said...

how could you be scarred by an ugly car. Think of the geo. I loved my minivans

farFromProud said...

um, we are not proud.

Given the color, I may have to resurrect my name for your Tercel :-)

halfoz said...

You could use the name Mrs H used for her fine Toyota, Melvin. It was a great little car. Now for the guy stuff more details v-6 all wheel drive. Nav system, Sun roof, MP3 player, Sat radio. Let's hear the answers. I like the color.