Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tattle Tale

When do kids stop tattling on themselves??? It is almost 3pm and I am listening to the Little Man on the monitor. He has chosen Thursdays as official "no nap" days... and of all days, this is the worst one for not napping. He keeps reporting over the monitor:
"Mommy, I am sitting on the dresser"
"Mommy, I made a mess with my water"
"Mommy, I took my bandaid off"
"Mommy, I made a mess in my room on the floor"
And on top of that, I hear him jumping on his bed as I type... "bounce, bounce, bounce" he says.

Too bad we have gym class tonight, guess daddy is going to have a FUN time. :)

And, I swear I didn't give him robitussin, orapred, or anything of that nature today!

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